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Check Up from the Neck Up

Ensuring your Mental Health In the New Millennium
By: Joan M. Andrews and Denise E. Davis

Andrews and Davis are practicing Marriage, Family and Child therapists with many of tips and techniques on topics such as depression, brain clutter, disorganization, procrastination, money problems, sex, personal relationships and many more. Check Up from the Neck Up is a quick survival guide for many of the problems we encounter in just living.

"We decided that this book would be more helpful if we grouped the types of problems you might experience into a term we could use throughout the book. In a nutshell, we are talking about adults
experiencing 'Special Operating Problems.' As we played with the words we came up with AESOP - Adults Experiencing Special Operating Problems, a play on Aesop's Fables. We have devoted a chapter to each of the potential
problems (see TOC)."

Table of Contents

There are chapters on each of the following topics:
  • being overwhelmed
  • stress reduction
  • disorganization
  • time management
  • procrastinaton
  • clutter
  • consistency
  • impulsivity
  • distractibility
  • money problems
  • self-sabotoage
  • always being late
  • foot-in-mouth
  • syndrome
  • depression
  • shame and guilt
  • anger and rage
  • grief
  • relationships
  • intimacy
  • sex
  • parenting
  • work
  • school
  • diet
  • exercise
  • sleep
  • hyperactivity
  • hypoactivity
  • addictions
  • spirituality
  • menopause

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What Reviewers Have Said

"Delightful! Humerous! Yet this little book offers enormous bites of serious information and advice to all AESOPs of the world. And are we not all AESOPSs in one area or another?"
-- Edna Copeland, Ph.D. Director, National Professional Consortium in Attention Deficit Disorders

"A must read for anyone who seeks to improve the quality of their life. Refreshingly alive, filled with inspiration and practical strategies to make our hectic lives easier."
-- Wendy Richardson, M.S, MFT. Author of The Linked between ADD & Addiction.

"This is a book for each one of us. A remarkable book with a wealth of information to aid us in dealing with common life struggles."
-- Stephen Copps M.D. Director, Inst. Developmental Medicine, Macon, GA

The Authors

Andrews and Davis are practicing Marriage, Family, and Child therapists with years of experience in treating and counseling children and adults with ADHD and related disorders. Their previous book was A.D.D. Kaleidoscope.

Publisher´s Comments

The remarkable aspect of this book is its extreme readability coupled with its relevance for all of us. It is not necessary to read the whole book. Just go to the sections that are relevant for your problems and learn a wealth of coping tips and sage advice.

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