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Don´t Think About Monkeys

Extraordinary Stories Written by People with Tourette Syndrome
By: Adam Seligman and John Hilkevich

Don´t Think About Monkeys is a remarkable collection of stories written by fourteen people who live with Tourette syndrome. Ranging from three teenagers learning to come to grips with treatment to adults encountering discrimination, the collection represents the incredible diversity of a disorder as diverse as life itself. The drama of living with a disability and the comedy of a Tourette syndrome conference show the range of a book that Oliver Sacks called, "A fascinatingly varied book."

Table of Contents

  • Foreward Oliver Sacks
  • Introduction Adam Seligman & John Hilkevich
  • Doing it Differently Mitchell Vitello
  • Uncute, Unendearing Adam DePrince
  • Subway People Frank Brancaccio
  • In the Blink of an Eye Adam Ward Seligman
  • In Walked Maura Maura Woodruff
  • A Better Person Mat Foulkrod
  • Just an Ordinary Kid Kevin Pratt
  • Purpose Wayne Martin
  • Three at a Time Rose Wood
  • The Family Tourette Richard Stickman
  • Cycles of Misery Marilyn Johnson
  • Making Friends with Tourette Syndrome John Hilkevich
  • Min Egen Lille Verden Christian Melbye Jr.
  • Rhythum Man David Aldridge
  • In the Group: Life at a Tourette Syndrome Conference Adam Seligman
  • Afterthoughts John S. Hilkevich & Adam Ward Seligman
Don't Think About Monkeys

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