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Dysinhibition Syndrome

By: Rose Wood

forewords by:
David E. Comings, M.D.
Kathleen McGuire, MSW. ACSW

Tragedies such as those at Littletown, Colorado are usually blamed on bad parenting. This book shows that many children and adults with episodic anger and rage have a biological disorder. Rose Wood shows how to understand and handle these children, adolescents and adults.

Rose Wood, author and peer consultant, has twenty-three years of experience in medical social work. Her community service involvement included intake and crisis intervention for Metropolitan Detroit chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Association. She served on the Metropolitan Detroit Chapter TSA board of directors for over eight years, and is the chapter's past president. Her other former community activities include several years of service in special education classrooms, an appointment to her county's Parent Advisory Committee, and her advocacy for the rights of special education students. She encourages individuals, families, and educators to think creatively and comprehensively when establishing educational, employment, and behavior management plans.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Dysinhibition Syndrome/Disclaimer


  • 1. The Call
  • 2. Blazing New Trails
  • 3. Defining Dysinhibition Syndrome: Q & A
  • 4. Dysinhibition Syndrome Criteria
  • 5. Evaluating Triggering Factors 
  • 6. Strategies for Managing the Dysinhibited
  • 7. Problems in Management
  • 8. Destabilization
  • 9. Treatment Options and Interventions


  • 10. A Word to the Wise
  • 11. My Personal Experience
  • 12. And a Little Child Shall Lead Them
  • 13. Suspicions of Dysinhibition Syndrome Grow
  • 14. The Unbelievers
  • 15. Comic Relief
  • 16. Forgotten Innocence


  • 17. Somewhere in Between
  • 18. Dysinhibited Adults
  • 19. Proactive Education Management
  • 20. Dysinhibition and the Law
  • 21. Characteristics that are Observable in Infancy and Beyond
  • 22. A Child's Point of View
  • 23. Concluding Thoughts
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Suggested Reading
  • Index

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What Reviewers Have Said

"The truths about genetic diseases are shrouded by innuendo and blame. Rose Wood has taken a wife's and mother's journey through home, school, hospitals, research, and professional seminars to build a community response that could end the isolation families feel with Dysinhibition syndrome. Her honesty and compassion are a treasure to be shared."
--Kristine Hood, MSW, LCSW

"Dysinhibition Syndrome is truly a godsend for every parent and professional who has ever been confronted with the perplexing and frustrating challenges of unpredictable and uncontrollable outbursts that seemingly have no rhyme or reason. At last, this condition not only has a name, but more importantly, this book provides some realistic approaches and a wide variety of simple, doable techniques for coping at home, in school, and in life. The author, a social worker who first struggled with these challenges in her own home, and then lent her expertise to clients, support groups, and workshop participants, now shares her wealth of practical wisdom, creativity, and faith with the rest of us. This ground-breaking work is sure to become a classic."
-- Helene M. Evans, M.A.

"As a parent of a Tourette syndrome child, I find that Rose Woods puts into words what I feel and know in my heart. I have implemented these techniques, and they have validated and enriched my parenting skills. May every parent who read this book find the understanding, compassion, and courage to implement her strategies. May her experiences and observations provide a means for the professional to pursue an avenue of awareness, acknowledgment, and treatment for Dysinhibition syndrome."
-- Bonnie Abbott

"Rose, a talented and gifted woman, brings you her perspective - personal and professional - regarding Dysinhibition syndrome, a condition still unidentified by most of the medical community. She shares her knowledge with the reader in an inspiring and teachable format, and she provides specific examples of situations and circumstances that both support and challenge families. Rose then gives ideas, strategies, and tools that can serve as methods for coping."
-- Marcia Beohm, MSW, LCSW, CFM

"Despite the availability of a back-up medical treatment, when possible we always prefer to handle anger and rage without resorting to medication. That is where Rose Wood's book can be so valuable. The first step is recognition of the problem and its cause; the second step is to manage the problem by understanding it and how many of the problems can be averted or diverted; the final step is medication. Dysinhibition Syndrome empowers you with the first two steps."
-- David E. Comings, M.D.

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