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Raising Joshua

By: Sheryl Johnson Hamer, R.N.

The harrowing and heartwarming story of Josh, a boy caught in Tourette Syndrome, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as told by his mother. The true story of two souls caught in a modern jungle of medical ignorance, powerful drugs, and the ravaging behavior of a mysterious condition. Their indomitable spirits of love and courage help them walk hand in hand through their special world.

Table of Content

  • Chapter 1: At the Beginning.
  • Chapter 2: Trials & Tribulations of Treatment.
  • Chapter 3: School Daze.
  • Chapter 4: Home Schooling Joshua.
  • Chapter 5: It's O.K. To Get A Second, Third or Fourth Opinion.
  • Chapter 6: Symptoms Return! I Quit!
  • Chapter 7: The Tourette Family Unit.
  • Chapter 8: Financial Stressors.
  • Chapter 9: The Medication See-Saw.
  • Chapter 10: Who Is This Person Named Josh?
  • Chapter 11: Did You Know, Most Everyone Twitches?
  • Chapter 12: Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Chapter 13: Everyone Wants a Happy Ending.
  • Chapter 14: About the Author.
Raising Joshua

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